How to use

There are 3 easy steps to casting with the Backyard Bass

  • Step #1: Place the Bass on the Ground

Most any flat surface will work…a patio, pavement, grass or even a gym floor. The Backyard Bass even float and be used on the water!

  • Step #2: Stand Away and Cast

Step a comfortable distance from your fish and cast the plug just past the fish you want to catch.

  • Step #3: Catch One of the Fish and Reel It In

Snag the fish with the plug while you are reeling it in!

Playing with the Backyard Bass

  • Single Player Suggestions

Place each Backyard Bass at different distances from you. See how long it takes you to reel them all in by casting for the fish. Assign points to the different colors and see how many points you can accumulate in ten minutes of casting.

  • Two or Three Player Suggestions

B-A-S-S: The Backyard Bass are placed around the yard and players take turns trying to catch a fish. When one player catches a fish the other players try to catch the fish from the same location in one cast. If the other players don’t catch the fish they each get a B.  Players take turns to cast for fish until one player gets all the letters to spell B-A-S-S. The player at the end with the fewest letters wins.


Fishing Derby: Players can assign point values to each color fish. They place the Backyard Bass around the casting area and begin casting for them. The player with the most points at the end of 5 minutes wins.


Race: Place the Backyard Bass equal distance from each player. Each player casts for fish as quickly as they can. The first player to reel in a fish wins.


Take it a step further: Stick images of local fish with measurements on the back of each Backyard Bass. Students can then identify what they’ve caught. Is it a keeper?

Remember – Always practice safe casting!