Project FISH

Project FISH: “Backyard Bass are a mainstay of our angling skills portion of our Project FISH curriculum. We have been using Backyard Bass for 13 years and have been thrilled learners with the excitement they provide. Whether on a lawn, in a gym or pool or lake (yes, they float, as do the casting plugs) this is a valuable resource for aquatic educators. We use them for fish ID, and Learning Regulations. Simply use a permanent marker and put a fish species and size on the bottom and have the angler look it up in the fishing regulations to see Continue Reading →

What are Backyard Bass?

What are Backyard Bass? Great Question! The Backyard Bass are plastic casting targets shaped like fish. They are designed to make learning to cast fun and easy. Place the fish on any smooth, flat surface – patio, grass, pavement, etc., or on the water (the fish do float) and cast for them with the Backyard Bass Casting Plug. With a good cast, you can catch one of the fish and reel it in.  

What is included with my Backyard Bass kit?

What is included in a Backyard Bass Starter kit? A Starter Backyard Bass set includes three fish and two casting plugs. The Backyard Bass can also be purchased in sets of one dozen or in bulk quantities. Each of these sets will assist kids in learning to fish by improving their casting skills.